5 rising stars who caught our eye in off-season productions

The colder it is, the more we like to feel good. And it’s fair to say that the word cozy has an image etched in our minds of us wrapped up in fluffy blankets with hot drinks in hand and watching our favorite shows. Focusing on off-season productions leaves room for our attention span to enjoy storylines and castings! Rising stars of any production always catch our eye, so here are five rising stars who star in off-season shows and do a great job!

Agar El Sarrag:
Hagar El Sarrag, playing Nadia in Etezan, grabbed people’s attention with every role. Hagar starred in the Ramadan drama Ded El Kasr, then became the talk of the town with her character, Lina, in Betolo3 El Roh. Hagar was too good at playing Lina that she soared last Ramadan! We expect to see Hagar shine in other future projects.

Ahmed Ghozzi:
After being the star of last Ramadan with his resounding success Vodafone ad and his role as Adam in El Meshwar, Ahmed Ghozzi has struck again. Let us tell you that out of season, it works magic! Ahmed Ghozzi crushed it with his participation and performance in the fifth season of Netflix’s The Crown as Adnan Khashoggi.

Moataz Hesham:
Moataz has shown his potential since he was younger. His spontaneous way of acting has earned him many roles in important productions like El Ekhtyar, Ella Ana, 11:11, El Qahera Kaboul, and others. Her latest role in Wa3d Eblis, Rabeea, has left us eager to see how Moataz’s talent will blossom.

Hassan Malek:
Hassan Malek proves that talent must run in Malek’s genes. With many eye-catching roles in Ella Ana, Bimbo, Khali Balek Men Zizi and others, Hassan Malek has established himself as a rising star who is taking leaps and bounds to become the actor he aspires to be.

Basma Dawood:
Having starred in four previous productions including Naseeby W Esmetak 4 and Mon3ataf Khatar, Basma is leaving his mark with his new role as Riham in Egar Adeem. She is too good at acting that people thought her character was her true identity as Basma.

What show are you watching? Among the other rising stars, who caught your attention?

Marjorie N. McClure