Afrojack and David Guetta team up with ZANE Productions for new music video

Spinnin’ Records, a division of Warner Group Music, asked director ZANE to release EDM video shots for the song “Hero” by Afroajck and David Guetta. ZANE’s zealous storytelling and unique concepts have been well known in the industry since he started producing and directing videos in 2015.

The “Hero” music video explores a pair of siblings who lost their parents and now live with their grandfather. The 17-year-old dreams of the big city, while the little brother is obsessed with superheroes. At the end of the video, the young girl is brave enough to leave home to pursue her dreams, while the brother is more interested in real-life heroes, like firefighters and her big sister, than anyone in a gang. drawn.

The video inspires all who watch it to look within to find the true hero. The innocent nature of this EDM music video is a rarity in its genre. Director ZANE communicates the song’s message while visually capturing the audience’s attention.

“This video allowed us to go beyond pretty faces and slow motion shots, which most EDM videos lean into. We were able to craft a story from start to finish,” ZANE said. “Creating visually elevated, emotionally engaging and intellectually captivating videos that resonate in people’s hearts and minds is simply what I constantly aim to achieve as a video director.”

Earlier this year, Afroajck and David Guetta received a Grammy nomination for the song “Hero.” Check out the “Hero” music video here.

Director ZANE has worked with several other musical artists such as The Isley Brothers, James Arthur and Snoop Dogg. Regardless of genre or artist, director ZANE’s focus on storytelling is paramount. With dozens of ongoing projects, he will continue to create unique videos.

About ZANE Productions
ZANE Productions is an award-winning, full-service video production company based in Los Angeles, California. They specialize in commercial videos, music videos, corporate videos, and digital content. They’ve delivered over 250 videos since the summer of 2015, and they’ve worked with Marvel, Samsung, UFC, Markwins Beauty, Segway and more. They aim to produce high-quality videos that are engaging, entertaining, and effective.

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Pictured: Director ZANE on set

Marjorie N. McClure