Apple and Tesla Productions blocked by lockdowns in China

President Joe Biden believes his son broke no laws. But what is Biden hunter accused of? Now lawmakers are demanding more records.

Another city under the control of China confinement cripples Apple and Tesla products. Near Shanghai, the main manufacturing hub is stalling production, causing a global supply crisis.

The foreign ministers of China and Ukraine held peace talks over the phone. But questions arise about what Beijing really wants. We examine what he says to his own people.

China is making its biggest purchase of American corn since May 2021. But why? Is a food crisis looming on the horizon?

Australia arms itself as one of its neighbors opens the door to Beijing to station troops in the South Pacific. The United States is also in the lead.

Topics in this episode:
What Hunter Biden is accused of in China and Ukraine
Apple and Tesla Productions blocked by lockdowns in China
The foreign ministers of China and Ukraine on the war with Russia
China unifies its discourse on the Russian-Ukrainian war
China supports investigation in Bucha, Ukraine
Australia and India sign trade deal to cut tariffs
China makes large purchases of American corn
Kansas researcher defends ties to China
Australia to arm warships with new missiles
China-Solomon Islands deal raises Pacific concerns

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Marjorie N. McClure