Black Hawks of Panama releases scorching club tunes on Hot Creations

Black Hawks of Panama collaborates with singer-songwriter Bisi on no one but you and look towards Sidney Charles for a remix!

DJ and producer Panama black hawks, aka Danny Whitehead, came from a family of DJs and promoters active on the Manchester scene in the 70s. Naturally, he pursued a musical career, cutting his teeth as a DJ on the White Isle – and this project is his house music production outlet, inspired by northern disco, deep house and soul sounds. His time in the studio is approached with storytelling in mind, as evidenced by his versatility as an artist, and today he produces no one but youthree weapons dancefloor on Hot Creations.

Bissi delivers stunning vocals and songwriting to the title track, “no one but you.” With Danny’s synthesis as inspiration, she loved the musical concept and quickly flew to meet him – writing lyrics on the plane and ready to create. With an interesting musical background, including as the Blues Brothers’ emcee, Bisi incorporates her stage and life experience into her songwriting and performance. “Nobody But You” itself is a dangerously hot track that achieves mystique through the use of smooth synth effects and Bisi’s velvety vocals. Synthesizers get a vintage sound that’s still rich in quality. This track is sure to bring an instant groove to any dancefloor it encounters.

heavy house society label head Sidney Charles contributes to the 80s/New Wave inspired remix of “Nobody But You” on this version, showing some importance between her and Danny Whitehead’s Black Hawks of Panama. Having worked together for years, they say they “…connected to our love for artists like Patti Labelle, Prince and Chicago House.“That inspiration is clearly heard immediately in Sidney’s remix, with bubblegum drum and synth sounds and a choppy alteration to Bisi’s vocals.

The final track of the release, “We will not“, delivers a delightful rush-hour vibe with an upbeat bassline and veiling percussion. The vocal sample used is quite different from Bisi’s vocals in the title track but still delivers a sweet mystique. The pinches of delayed chords give the melody some stretch during the build, bringing us into a punchy breakdown balanced with sibilant, crisp house string harmonies.

Black Hawks of Panama display their ability to work with a multitude of different sounds to create excellence in club ambience. Be sure to give no one but you a listen on Spotify or your favorite platform, and let us know what you think of the music on Twitter!

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Stream Panama’s Black Hawks – no one but you – List of tracks:

  1. No One But You feat. Bissi
  2. No One But You feat. Bisi (Sidney Charles Remix)
  3. We will not

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