BMW Makes Foray Into Battery Manufacturing, Plans Five Battery Gigafactories

BMW aims for electric cars to account for at least half of its total sales by 2030.

By : HT automatic office
March 27, 2022, 09:38

BMW iX is the company’s flagship all-electric SUV.

BMW becomes the latest automaker to consider making batteries for its electric vehicle portfolio. The German luxury carmaker looks set to follow the steps of Volkswagen Group, Mercedes-Benz, General Motors to enter the battery manufacturing segment, reports Manager Magazin. It’s a 180-degree shift from the automaker’s philosophy revealed last year when the company’s chief technical officer, Frank Weber, said battery technology is constantly evolving and Frequent changes in cell chemistry made it impossible to invest in a factory to build certain types of batteries. .

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Now that the automaker is aiming to enter battery production, it plans to team up with partners to build five battery giga-factories around the world, which will be strategically positioned where the automaker manufactures electric vehicles in order to reduce logistics costs. This revelation came from BMW AG board member Joachim Post.

BMW is targeting solid-state batteries for its EV battery manufacturing ambition. Solid-state batteries are said to be more energy efficient and offer better range, improved thermal efficiency, and significantly better performance.

Speaking at the BMW Group’s annual press conference, Joachim Post presented the manufacturer’s battery production plans. “In the future, we will also operate gigafactories in regions where we produce electric cars,” he said without giving details. The company has already signed agreements with partners such as CATL, Northvolt and Samsung SDI.

BMW aims to have a strong battery supply chain to bolster its electric vehicle portfolio. CEO Oliver Zipse previously announced an ambitious goal for battery-electric cars to account for at least half of BMW’s total sales by 2030. That’s when its Mini and Rolls-Royce subsidiaries will become purely electricity over the next decade.

Date of first publication: March 27, 2022, 09:38 IST

Marjorie N. McClure