Bruna Rubio at the Sitges Film Festival with Goldheart Productions

Thanks to her hard work, Bruna Rubio placed the name of her company “Heart of Gold Productions” in “Sitges”, one of the most recognized festivals in Europe that takes place in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

With two nominations at “Sitges”, Goldheart Productions presents itself as a solid production company that will surprise audiences with its horror and sci-fi content.

“The Mermaid Killer”, nominated in the “Fantastic Competition Section-Short Films” is a short film produced by Goldheart Productions and Nido Films. “The Mermaid Killer” tells the story of a girl who becomes a mermaid and, to defend herself from a group of pirates, ruthlessly murders them one by one. The short film was recorded with Led Screen Technology in Spain and promised to win audiences a standing ovation for the new VFX technologies used in the filming. The feature film, “The Mermaid Killer”, is set to begin filming in 2023.

The second nomination for the film “Vampiras: The Brides”, also produced by Goldheart Productions, was nominated at the Sitges Film Festival in the Brigadoon category. “Vampiras” is a Latin American sci-fi action story about three sisters living in present-day Los Angeles.

Two of them want to become human, but the third doesn’t; and so begins the battle with her sisters to protect her vampiric essence. Throughout the film, people can see moral and immoral characters supporting the protagonists to help enrich the story.

We expect ‘The Mermaid Killer’ and ‘Vampiras: The Brides’ to be big hits and Bruna Rubio, with her production company GoldheartHeart Productions, will be giving us more projects in 2023.

Marjorie N. McClure