Candle Maker Coventry Creations stays the course in the face of rising inflation

FERNDALE, MICHIGAN, USA, Feb. 15, 2022 / — Coventry Creations, the world’s leading maker of intention candles, continues to control prices and keep customers happy as inflation tears the industry apart. With costs rising throughout the supply chain, many vendors and suppliers are adjusting their prices accordingly. As a result, Coventry Creations took organizational and creative cost-saving measures to weather the storm.

As part of its record growth in 2021, the 30-year-old company has added key members to its management team. One of the most notable additions was Charlie Lumley, Director of Operations and lean manufacturing and quality expert.

Lumley, a fast-paced, efficiency-obsessed automotive industry manufacturing veteran, brings much-needed experience in streamlining processes for increased productivity, lower costs and less waste. By introducing kanban and other system improvements, he has enabled Coventry Creations to maintain stable profit margins even as material costs continue to rise.

“The timing worked out perfectly,” Mr. Lumley said. “Coventry Creations was very successful and growing rapidly. They needed to recruit people to help them manage this success better. I came on board and started reworking our manufacturing process just as inflation was starting to affect our supply chain. So far, our improvements have allowed us to stay several steps ahead.

“We’re running faster and easier than ever,” added Jacki Smith, President and Co-Owner of Coventry Creations. “The changes we have made have allowed us to navigate successfully through COVID, the global shipping crisis and now this persistent inflation. Not only have we been able to maintain a healthy bottom line for ourselves, but we have also been able to help our customers reduce costs by keeping our prices at or near their pre-pandemic levels.

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Coventry Creations is the world’s best known and most respected intention candle maker. For nearly 30 years, people have used our candles, oils, sprays and other magical products as alternative solutions to everyday problems. Located in Ferndale, MI, we handcraft all of our candles using our own expertly formulated recipes and all-natural ingredients. At Coventry Creations our motto is: whatever your need or challenge, we have a candle for it.

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