Control system designed for next generation manufacturing

Photo credit: Fagor Automation

Fagor Automation calls the CNC8065elite its most powerful CNC system to date. This control system has completely redesigned hardware and software adapted to Industry 4.0. Along with updates, it retains the same set of five-axis features that the industry demands (such as advanced machining algorithms, dynamic replacement, inclined plane, virtual axis).

IMTS 8065 control system includes the new HMIelite user interface. This HMI is designed to be easily customizable by the OEM or end user. It is portable to PCs and mobile devices for machine monitoring. Another Industry 4.0 feature on control is the Numerical sequence platform, which allows easy connection between several machines of different brands and the rest of the production and management systems. This software can capture all the necessary data and transform it into information to facilitate decision-making, explains Fagor.

The 8065elite is supported by Fagor’s most powerful hardware platform, the Quercus CNC system. Quercus uses Sercos III and industrial Ethernet technology to achieve servo speeds of 100 MBd, with a quad-core processor to process the system’s advanced machining algorithms. Information processing is centralized and entirely digital to allow faster integration and better management of functions that depend on several axes. Despite the increased performance of the new Quercus system, Fagor Automation has designed both the CNC and drive systems to be compact, with size reductions of up to 60% (depending on the model) and additional modules. drives to save cabinet space.

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Marjorie N. McClure