‘Death Stranding’ studio Kojima Productions may have two major games in the pipeline

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Hideo Kojima, one of the video game industry’s most notorious creators, may have hinted at his studio’s next big project.

The author caught up with Famitsu on Monday, December 27, discussing everything from his New Year’s aspirations to the priceless keywords that shaped the year (those, of course, being “New Waves and EVA”).

Of note, however, is the “Recent Reports” section, in which Kojima Productions’ upcoming game was only vaguely teased by the famous creator. Translated from Japanese to English, Kojima mentions the following:

“Big titles and exciting new titles. Additionally, we would like to have a year in which we take a step forward in media and expressions other than games, into the near future where the boundaries of entertainment will disappear.”

As always, Kojima looks far beyond the future for inspiration and various high-flying game design and storytelling aspirations. From that point of view, although it does mention “great titles” there may be something even more rewarding in the work alongside potentially a “Death Stranding” sequel or (hopefully many ) a revival of “Silent Hill”.

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In early December, Kojima posted on his Twitter: “I’m scared. I feel like I’ve been erased from the world,” to which Geoff Keighley, industry scholar and host of The Game Awards, commented on replied cheekily: “I hope they won’t keep you silent for long!”

Although nothing more than a simple back and forth between friends on social networks, it has once again revived the notion of a Kojima game “Silent Hill” in the works, but the optics remain foolproof. .

Alternatively, Kojima may have hinted at something closer to home in his “Happy Holidays” tweet posted on December 23. The featured image, drawn by legendary “Metal Gear” character designer Yoji Shinkawa, features three characters never before seen in Stranding “or any previous Kojima game.

There’s also the topic of expanding spheres in media that Kojima mentions, which might hint at his newly founded studio in Los Angeles. Given its location, this branch of Kojima Productions would focus on filmmaking and music production with the help of Sony PlayStation.

Either way, LA’s division and its main location in Tokyo bolster their internal numbers. As noted on Kojima Productions’ career page, there are several key positions up for grabs including writer, project manager, sound designer, artist, and more.

When it comes to the 2022 highlights, Kojima sees the appeal of streaming technology. “A year in which the entertainment industry will surely change with streaming. The change in the form provided will have a great impact on the work itself and the business method,” he told Famitsu. “It will be a year when these changes are clearly visible.”

“Death Stranding” was originally released in 2019. It was then introduced to the PC market and even improved for PS5 consoles, dubbed the “Director’s Cut,” in September 2021. Fans can’t wait to see what Hideo Kojima brings to the table. to the next table, whatever creative form it may take.

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