Exclusive! Parshuram Producer Vijay Yadav talks about new projects from Atulya Films and Chanda Creations and Ankit Raaj as Parshuram

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Arangi Channel’s hit shows Parshuram will be back with a brand new season and a brand new cast. The show is produced by Atulyam Films and Chanda Creations and will feature Ankit Raaj in the lead role of Parshuram.

Atulyam Films and Chanda Creations is a new-age production house known for shows like Shyam Tusli and King’s Man.

Tellychakkar reached out to show producer Vijay Yadav to talk about the new season, the casting of Ankit, and why they decided to tell Parashurama’s story.

On this project, you collaborate with the expert director in the realization of Mythological and Historical shows Kamal Monga, what was the experience?

We are very lucky to collaborate again with Kamal Monga on Parshuram. We have already worked with him in certain episodic series and also on King’s Man. It’s a pleasure to have such a great director with us, really.

In your opinion, what is Kamal Monga’s specialty, what makes him different as a manager?

He is very fast, he is very creative. He knows what to do and what not to do, what actually works. His work process, camera angles, and his behavior, especially his behavior with the artist. It brings out the best in them and the results are wonderful. We can’t wait for audiences to see the magic he brought.

You have a brand new cast, and a new lead, what are your expectations and what can you tell us?

Yes, we have the very talented Ankit Raaj leading the pack. Ankit is really disciplined and professional. Although I can’t really talk about the other characters and give anything away. We are very satisfied with the set we have organized for this special exhibition. A cast change was needed as the show is starting from scratch and taking a new direction. We explore a facet of Parshuram’s story in depth like never before and we hope the audience will enjoy it.

The new season of Parshuram starring Ankit Raaj aired on October 31 on Arangi TV. Directed by Kamal Monga, the show is produced by Sanjay Yadav and Vijay Yadav.

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