Huawei’s ‘Go Cloud, Go Global’ plan will bring 15 creations

The Huawei Connect 2022 event is happening live in Bangkok right now. Several new technical solutions and digital programs fill the surface of the event. And among these essentials, Huawei has brought the Go Cloud, Go Global program.

As the name suggests, the program mainly revolves around cloud services. With the slogan “Everything as a service”, the company tries to extend the roots of cloud services and their benefits for consumers around the world.

The Huawei Go Cloud, Go Global plan is a global strategy. This gets an authorization from the statement of Jacqueline Shi (President of Global Marketing and Sales and Services of Huawei Cloud). She reported that Huawei Cloud will unveil more than 15 new innovations globally.

These innovations will include Cloud Native, AI Development, Data Governance, Digital Content, Software Development, Pangu Wave Model, DataArts LakeFormation, Virtual Live, CodeCheck and Cloud Test, KooMessage, KooSearch, KooGallery and MacroVerse aPaaS. Together, these creations will help more organizations move to the cloud at a faster and better pace.

So far, Huawei Cloud is associated with more than 240 services and more than 50,000 APIs (Application Programming Interface). And now the company is striving to bring these beneficial facilities to every corner of the world.

Go Cloud, Go Global: main objective

According to the information, Huawei Cloud operators are building a global network ecosystem. Therefore, it will enable individuals to access cloud services within 50 milliseconds from anywhere in the world. Therefore, it will not be necessary to deploy a separate data center for each base station.

In addition, Huawei Cloud will also provide support for 10,000 startups around the world. From cost optimization and technical support to entrepreneurship training and other business resources, the company will support the new institutes in every way possible.

So, in the coming times, Huawei will completely unleash the digital productivity of its consumers. In the end, this is only the first step into the smart world. Let’s see what else we find out about it in the next few days.


Marjorie N. McClure