i creation and launch of the new series of Zeal Creations

A new series is about to be launched, under the banner of i creation and Zeal Creations. This outstanding TV series will be directed by Kalpajyoti Das. This had been confirmed by Zubeen Garg during a press conference at the recently inaugurated boutique, The Garima’s Hues, located in the Aparna complex in Rajgarh. In collaboration with Zeal Creations, this series will air on Rengoni Channel.

Garima Saikia Garg announces two new courses from Abhinaya – Jonkey Borthakur Performing Arts Academy at this gathering. Abhinaya started a year-long drama course for children aged 6 to 14. These classes will take place every Sunday. Abhinaya will also offer a 6-month course for students over the age of 16. Here, from pre-production to acting, cinematography, direction, production design, etc., which are necessary for full production work, including promotion and marketing, will be taught.

Abhinaya will also include Bijiyeta Patgiri ie makeup classes. Fashion makeup, character makeup and prosthetics, etc. in the studios of cosmetics makeup academy B and D. From now on, Abhinaya students will have the opportunity to work in all upcoming projects under the i creations and Zeal Creations banner.

Marjorie N. McClure