Interior designer Co Down’s creations don’t cost the earth

Co Down designer Andrea Graham creates eco-friendly home furniture

Donaghadee-based interior designer Andrea Graham has launched a unique eco-design service for clients who want to update their homes with bespoke nature-inspired designs and revamp and recycle rather than throw away and destroy existing furniture.

She also introduced a series of wallpaper and fabric designs inspired by Northern Irish nature.

With the climate crisis dominating daily headlines around the world, consumer demand means that environmental credentials are just as important as style when shopping.

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Andrea Graham is inspired by the beauty of Northern Ireland’s nature

Thus, Andrea, an experienced designer in surface decoration, cleverly combines the two with her new bespoke eco-design service, Born Interiors (

Andrea has created a collection of nature-inspired, nature-inspired, hand-drawn, photographed and digitally designed wallpaper, upholstery, curtains, cushions, cushions, sofas and chairs, and transforms clients’ homes to give spaces a more peaceful and nature-inspired look.

Offering three initial concepts inspired by feathers harvested from a local forest, seaweed harvested from Donaghadee Beach and a cloudscape photographed on Cave Hill, Andrea’s designs are completely unique, bespoke and can transform any what a room, bringing the great outdoors to customers’ homes. and commercial premises.

Additionally, rather than needlessly sending things to the landfill, Andrea breathes new life into furniture, fabrics and upholstery by giving the concept a fresh face with her new designs.

Already deeply concerned about the environment, the local designer sees her new service as a way to use her creativity to create beautiful interiors while helping to protect the planet.

“I work in a way that aligns with my personal values, and I respond to a growing trend of customers wanting to live in a beautiful and sustainable environment, both in their home and for the planet at large.

“I recently worked on a project to make emergency sleeping bags from used packets of crisps for people living on the streets.

“This experience made me greener in my professional life.

“I now think differently about waste, especially when you realize how long it takes for many materials to decompose in landfills.

“It can take up to 80 years for a simple crispy package to completely decompose, so you can imagine the environmental impact when we just get rid of furniture and fabrics because we’re bored with the design.

Andrea channels her passion for nature and the environment into her designs and encourages her clients to re-love their existing furniture by rearranging it with a touch of imaginative style.

“I spend a lot of time researching trends and researching materials with low environmental impact. I consciously try to reuse and recycle furniture and fabrics when I can.

“I can bring my new designs to older pieces or work with the client to create their own unique design.

“It’s also an effective approach because antique furniture has usually been built by craftsmen to last.

“It was created before society adopted a throwaway culture. It’s hard to imagine that modern kit furniture will still be stylish and functional 50 years from now.

Andrea works closely with clients to help them see their existing interior assets in new and exciting ways. By reimagining rooms, upholstery, and furniture with her expert eye, she can rearrange and update homes without costing the earth.

Rather than following trends dictated by mass production, her designs are unique to each client, even extending to her by creating beautiful nature-inspired murals on the walls.

“I think back to a time when quality, individuality and artistic skill were really valued. I am inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement of the early 20th century, but I combine this philosophy with modern trends and techniques. My work has longevity because I draw inspiration from the natural world. The images, colors and styles I select help remind my clients of the value and beauty of the world they respect through their consumer choices.

Andrea believes that because she works so closely with her clients to reflect their tastes and personalities, she gives them beautiful interiors with a long lifespan.

“My philosophy is that if you get the design right the first time, you won’t have to change it frequently. Therefore, I work hard to ensure that the design closely matches the aesthetics and personal requirements of my clients.

“The furniture and fabrics I use are all quality pieces. Many have already lasted someone else’s life and, with a redesign, can continue to be beautiful, comfortable and useful for decades. I don’t think style and quality should be wasted, no matter what era they belong to. By thoughtfully reusing, recycling and reviving, I give my clients unique interior results they can love and live with forever.

Marjorie N. McClure