Johnson Ray Music takes their productions to another level

New Orleans, LA, Aug. 31, 2022 — ( — Vicki Johnson and Nick Ray are seasoned and recognized in the industry, both thriving. This team of professional collaborators and creative forces were born into musical families and share the same values ​​of performance and substance of what they produce. These two exceptional talents have embarked on a partnership for; combine their potential crafts by presenting both their music catalogs, co-writing songs together, promoting and producing events, and even sharing with other collaborators to expand their vision of diverse art. Feedback not only from other industry leaders and musicians, but also from aspiring hopefuls in this profession, has been received with much favor and appreciation. Both Johnson & Ray remain independent artists and continue to pitch their works with vigor and enthusiasm.

Although this team came together with stories of already established credits and notoriety in their own levels of entertainment, this combination is on fire. Possessing humble and ethical beliefs on both sides, this pair of artistic entities exude levels of professionalism and approach. To date, Johnson & Ray have been recognized for their musical and production qualities in signed and independent forums. Most recently, Ray was acquired by Show4me Music Interaction Network, where he hosts on-demand webinars with that network, who will sit on a panel during the SXSW Music Conference in Austin, Texas 2023. The level of showmanship and progressive Ray’s skills in his craft caught the attention of network producers and the board of directors on this panel. His wealth of information will be shared on this highly respected platform.

Johnson, on the other side of the coin, not only lays claim to her credits as a songwriter/lyricist, but she has a 30+ year tenure as a senior publicist collectively under the IATSE 600 Camera Guild, as a freelance contracted personal publicist, publicity and event coordinator, as well as a professional speechwriter, poet and published author. She currently serves as the press and publicity frontline for Johnson Ray Music+ and represents Ray as her personal publicist for events and media engagements as required.

Together, the progression of the art takes place in their A-teams and the two, Johnson and Ray, run a steady course. Most importantly, they believe in each other and the heart that goes into their lifelong musical aspirations. Humbly speaking… they’ve only just begun.

Marjorie N. McClure