LONGi sets up 10GW solar module manufacturing plant in Guangdong China

Cell production in a LONGi facility. Picture: LONGi.

LONGi Green Energy Technology has signed an investment agreement to set up a 10 GW monocrystalline module manufacturing plant in China’s Guangdong Province.

It has been reported that LONGi Green Energy will set up a holding subsidiary in Heshan City as the investment and operating entity for the project. The subsidiary will lease the factory buildings and ancillary facilities provided by the owner and will be responsible for the purchase, installation and commissioning of production and processing equipment.

Project company LONGi’s estimated investment budget for the plant is 2.5 billion RMB ($349 million).

It should be noted that the construction of the factory in Heshan City will effectively fill the gap in Guangdong and southern China, which lack large-scale module production bases.

In the photovoltaic industry, Guangdong is known as “the early bird that didn’t catch the worm”, and is relatively behind in terms of photovoltaic industry manufacturing. It has, however, started to catch up in recent years.

Guangdong is actively seeking to break the status quo, vigorously introducing enterprises with advantages in solar silicon wafers and solar cells, and supporting the growth of local high-quality PV enterprises.

For example, Zhuhai City proposed adhering to the principle of “industry first”, relying on leading enterprises, cultivating and developing the new energy industry focusing on electric cells, energy storage cells and photovoltaic equipment, and create a new pillar for the city’s economic growth.

In the field of photovoltaic inverters, Guangdong has also become a location for companies such as Huawei and Growatt.

The signing of LONGi’s 10GW monocrystalline module project will undoubtedly significantly improve the module supply capacity in Guangdong, benefiting the Pearl River Delta and the entire southern China region.

A province with the highest GDP in China, Guangdong enjoys abundant sunshine, developed industrial manufacturing, and a conducive industrial environment and rooftop resources for distributed solar PV development.

Among the 676 county (city, district) level distributed rooftop solar PV development pilot projects in China, Guangdong has 32 in total, ranking sixth nationally. It is the most favorable place in China for the development of county-level distributed solar PV.

In April 2022, the 14e The Five-Year Plan for Energy Development of Guangdong Province has been released, proposing that the province promote the development of energy industry agglomeration.

Marjorie N. McClure