M2 Optics Inc. Launches New 3D Print Design and Manufacturing Service

M2 Optics – Fast 3D Printing Services

M2 Optics Inc.

The company uses the latest 3D printing technologies and processes and offers comprehensive design, rapid prototyping and full-scale production services.

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, June 17, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — M2 optics Inc., a leading manufacturer of custom fiber optic solutions for communications testing and networking applications, announced the launch of a new design and 3D printing services company. These services will help companies resolve critical and timely issues that require custom or non-standard parts that are not readily available in the market.

As part of manufacturing custom fiber optic solutions for leading entities worldwide across multiple industries, M2 has leveraged significant 3D printing expertise and capabilities within its Raleigh NC facility. Deciding to expand this service now, they can support virtually any industry or application requirement in addition to their existing customer base.

M2 noted that engineering and technical teams face significant challenges when a standard part is not suitable for an application. In addition, many entities do not have readily available personnel with the necessary design expertise or the means to receive custom parts quickly and affordably given current supply chain shortages. world. This service will eliminate this problem as M2 can support the entire process or individual phases of a typical 3D printing project – rapid part design, prototyping and production.

“Rapid 3D printing design and prototyping enables organizations to quickly respond to product development opportunities and capability gaps in a dynamic and rapidly changing business environment,” said Charlie Byrd, vice president of sales and M2 operations. “Combining fast response times with fast and accurate solutions is essential to meet the needs of today’s world. Additive manufacturing technologies enable the production of geometries not possible with traditional methods, opening the door to limitless possibilities. Additionally, supply chain shortages are negatively impacting many businesses. Currently, partnering with a 3D printing company such as M2 provides a competitive advantage by reducing lead times for parts and design processes.”

Providing a range of individual services addressing the different aspects of 3D printing, M2 can:
• Create a new design from scratch or use an existing design
• Generate rapid prototypes (functional and visual) or launch large-scale production series
• Offers a variety of material types including PLA, PETG, ABS, PC, Nylon, Flexible and others
• Use multiple printing processes, including FDM, SLS and SLA

M2 points to their extensive expertise in designing and manufacturing custom solutions and their rapid 3D printing design consulting services as key value drivers. Although there are many 3D printing service companies out there, many rely on a client to provide their CAD/design files as they do not provide design services or outsource them, which adds a step , time and additional costs for the customer. Thus, providing assistance at every step of the process results in an improved and more efficient customer experience.

Although it has not publicly announced this service so far, M2 reports that it has already completed numerous 3D printing projects for other entities, ranging from small supports for a telecommunications network application to full-scale Star Wars. nature.® characters for a charitable cause.

To learn more about the design and 3D printing services offered by M2 Optics, you can visit their website and contact them directly or contact one of their approved national or international business partners.

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