Mexican services company CPI opens 1 million square feet of new manufacturing facilities in Mexico in 2021-2022

CPI Client, Varian, Grand Opening

“US and global manufacturers are investing in Mexico-based facilities to reduce shipping times, labor costs, and supply chain barriers. At nearly 1 M Sq.Ft. new facilities, recent investments testify to a spectacular commitment.

International co-production,Hosting services in Mexico, leased nearly one million square feet of manufacturing facilities in Mexico to U.S. companies in 2021-22. CPI’s eight U.S. partners represent a range of manufacturing industries, including medical devices, furniture, industrial equipment, pre-engineered modular homes, boat manufacturing, window and blind motors, agricultural product thermoforming, and third-party logistics (3PL) warehousing. Currently, CPI is helping two other manufacturers scale up furniture and auto parts manufacturing facilities.

Manufacturers choose Mexico for its well-established industrial sectors, talented workforce, lower real estate and labor costs, and proximity to US and global transportation routes. Delays and increased costs caused by the COVID pandemic, the U.S.-China trade war, and the Ukraine-Russia war have dramatically increased interest in a North American footprint, especially Mexico.

US and global manufacturers choose a mexican refuge for his ability to start operations quickly, existing permits and licenses for international trade and his extensive knowledge of Mexican labor, site selection and industrial real estate. CPI also accelerates access to IMMEX program and the VAT certification which allows manufacturing companies produce and export duty and duty free products.

“U.S. and global manufacturers are investing in Mexico-based facilities to reduce shipping times, labor costs and supply chain barriers,” said Veronica Contreras, director of business development at ICC. “With nearly one million square feet of new facilities, recent investments demonstrate a spectacular commitment.”

Most of CPI’s new partners have chosen US-Mexico border region sites in well-established manufacturing hubs like Tijuana and Mexicali. A manufacturer has chosen Meridain the southern region of Mexico, to take advantage of this city’s growing industrial center, its proximity to the main commercial container port of Penasco and the administrative services available in CPI’s Merida office.

CPI also recently opened offices in Monterreyin the state of Nuevo Leon, to meet the needs of manufacturers looking to take advantage of industrial hubs in the Mexican mainland region of El Bajio and the states of Chihuahua and Coahuila.

“As a hosting service provider, we are excited to meet the needs of our new customer partners,” said Denisse Martinez, Chief Marketing Officer of CPI. “CPI handles every detail of manufacturing expansion projects as if it were our own business. At CPI, our team becomes your team.

About International co-production (CPI)

CPI is the premier provider of administrative and hosting services for companies looking to start manufacturing in Mexico. CPI is strategically headquartered in San Diego, California, and has operational support branches in Tijuana, Mexicali and Tecate, Baja California, Guadalajara, Jalisto and Merida, Yucatan. CPI’s Turnkey Shelter program offers industrial real estate site searches and a range of administrative support services, including human resources, talent management, payroll processing, Mexican government, and compliance with U.S. trade regulations and international. CPI’s hosting services allow our partner customers to focus 100% on manufacturing.

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