New Ariostea Ultra Fragmenta and Ultra Graniti collections: natural artistic creations

Stones, marbles and granites are just a few of timeless solutions who continue to play key role in interior design as 2022 draws to a close.

Their expressive power, ductility, variety and ease of association have always been their most valued qualities, as well as their timeless look convey a feeling of power, resistance and durability.

But these aspects are not limited to aesthetic considerations alone, as we will see in the case of high-tech ceramics

The material most appreciated by architects and design enthusiasts in recent years, ceramic combines technical and aesthetic qualities in a product that never ceases to amaze with all its beneficial qualities, innovation capacity and high dose of experimentation.

In this sense, it is worth noting the impact on the market in recent years of light and resistant products. ceramic maxi-slabs measuring up to 300×150 cm. These materials eliminate interruptions caused by grouting and expand the perceived size of spaces, while offering numerous solutions for interior and exterior surfaces characterized by lightweight and easy installation.

Then there is full mass slabs making the product adaptable to a variety of design solutions, meeting the need for contemporary design in which performance and tradition merge into a single concept.

With his Ultra maxi-slabs, Ariosteus has been a benchmark in the international ceramics market for many years. In accordance with the vocation of Iris Ceramica Groupof which it is a flagship brand, Ariostea continues to explore new solutions for contemporary living, as was recently demonstrated at Cersaie 2022.

At the latest edition of the industry’s leading trade show, Ariostea showcased a number of new surface coatings in line with the leading decoration trends of 2022.

Ultra Fragmenta’s surfaces are delicate and sophisticated, with a warm, neutral background accented with randomly distributed speckles of various shapes and subtle flecks in a similar or contrasting hue.

Another new proposal from Ariostea is Ultra Granitia collection of four new surfaces emphasizing the character of a classic natural cladding material.

Alaska White, Celeste Aran, Deep Norway and Labradorite stand out for their power, elegance and refined originality, making them ideal for domestic environments in a variety of different styles, from the most classic to the daringly contemporary, as well as custom furniture.

For example, the bold character of Alaska White, with its warm and intense hues that stand out against a light background, for a bold and distinctive color combination, and Celeste Aran, the result of “the encounter between movement and freshness”for a real natural artistic creation.

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Marjorie N. McClure