Oiziz invites artists to exhibit textile creations

Oiziz, a platform for promoting creativity, is expanding to allow artists to sell their works in the form of original textile prints.

HONG KONG, CHINA, Oct. 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Oiziz is an online platform that allows emerging artists to upload their designs and have them printed on fabric, home textiles and apparel. The Oiziz team builds a supportive relationship with artists so they can easily achieve a profitable sale. They then optimize the process of selling these products worldwide while ensuring a substantial commission for talented artists.

For nearly two decades, Oiziz has offered a wide variety of apparel and home textiles to customers around the world. They make sure to provide the best price possible. However, the offer may vary depending on the fabrics and production methods used in the garments, but their principle remains the same, the more you buy, the more you save.

Oiziz is a brand full of imagination, working with the desire to develop innovative things and meet demand. They constantly introduce additional elements.

The assortment includes over 20 distinct types of materials including polyester, cotton and recycled materials, all of the highest possible quality. Additionally, there is a selection of home textiles as well as clothing lines that can be made to order. Each freelance artist will receive a commission rate of 15%.

The CEO of Oiziz does not want an artist to pass up this opportunity, as he says: “We have to do textiles for about 20 years, we always care about our products and our customers. In this platform, we also care about artists. , join us and get ready for your designs to appear on fabrics all over the world. Get started right away and get ready to see your designs on fabrics around the world.”

Although a young company, they seek to build an accessible and inclusive platform by encouraging original pieces and are excited to see unique works of art from painters, illustrators, photographers, pattern makers , etc. Anyone interested can register for free on Oiziz.

In the future, Oiziz plans to design more clothing items, such as shirts, miniskirts, etc., to raise awareness of home textiles and clothing with distinctive designs. Additionally, they plan to work with more independent artists.

Visit https://www.oiziz.com/ immediately to register as an artist or purchase amazing textile designs.

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Artists typically invest a lot of time, money, and effort to turn their ideas into tangible goods. As a result, Oiziz was created as a framework for artists and customers with demand-driven needs. Oiziz Limited HK was founded to provide everyone with additional options that complement their style. The founders of Oiziz first entered the textile industry in 2002, then expanded to offer bedding, home furnishings and fabrics before moving into the apparel industry. The company prints these pretty, distinctive designs on dresses, hooded blankets, pajamas, and other items. It’s exciting and fulfilling to watch these art-like objects take shape.

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