Over 1.8 lakh unauthorized buildings in Bangalore, BBMP survey finds

The civic body also found 36,759 buildings that had deviated from sanctioned plans.

A Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) survey found over 1.8 lakh of buildings that were not licensed by the Bengaluru civic agency. That’s according to an ongoing investigation by the civic body into illegal and unauthorized buildings in the city. “Unauthorized buildings are those where people don’t get permission from the BBMP, and the BBMP also doesn’t give them permission, which leads to B-Khata properties,” said Ravindra PN, special curator of BBMP projects, at TNM.

Along with 1.8 lakh of unauthorized buildings, the civic body also found 36,759 buildings that deviated from sanctioned plans. The irregularities that the BBMP has found in buildings are setbacks, a term to describe the violation of minimum space around any building or structure. Other violations included buildings with extra floors and a floor area ratio violation.

The BBMP missed several deadlines to submit the compliance report to the High Court and the ongoing investigation is expected to take at least another two months, the BBMP special commissioner told TNM. “There are so many reasons for the delay like potholes and monsoons. It will take another two months to complete the investigation. Asked about the areas with the highest number of illegal constructions, he said: “We only have one consolidated figure, so there is no data or information regarding which areas have the highest number of constructions. illegal”.

According to a Times of India report, in March 2022, 10,000 notices were issued to unauthorized owners. Asked about the status of the notices that have been sent, Ravindra said: “There is no response from the owners of the building and we will send new notices. There are also different stages regarding the issuing of the notices, as there are variations in the percentage deviation from the sanctioned plan; some buildings have 10%, 12%, 15%, and some have 25% non-compliance, which will be checked again to send notices. For now, the BBMP has no data on the notices that have been sent to owners of illegal buildings, he added.

Asked about the developments regarding the High Court’s order to demolish the illegal structures and submit a compliance report, he said: ‘Our aim is to complete the investigation and simultaneously we will send the notices to building owners. . In special cases, I will certainly give instructions for demolition. We have identified the completely unauthorized buildings, and we will certainly demolish them; the officer concerned will decide. I will submit the compliance report to the High Court.

He claimed that BBMP officials do not sanction faulty plans and it is the builders who break the rules. “Whatever plan is approved is the right one and it is legal. It is on the side of the public that there is violation of the statutes and the rules. He also said that it is the responsibility of the buyer, who often becomes an unwitting victim of occupying an illegal building, to check whether there is an infraction in the construction of the building or whether the builder followed the correct procedure. and due form.

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Marjorie N. McClure