Plex Systems Announces Modularization of Its Intelligent Manufacturing Platform to Adapt to Business Needs

MILWAUKEE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Plex Systemsa Rockwell Automation and leader in cloud-based smart manufacturing solutions, today announced a new modularization approach for its smart manufacturing platform to enable accessibility and scalability for digital transformation in manufacturing. This approach, enabled by Plex’s innovative cloud-native platform, aligns more closely with customer needs as they develop their smart manufacturing technology strategy, including a focus on flexibility, rapid implementation and ease of entry with a growth path.

With Plex, manufacturers can begin their digital transformation in several ways. For example, they can initially implement Quality Management Systems (QMS) or Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) – common entry points for most manufacturers – and from there add functionality , such as production monitoring, asset performance management or supply chain planning. With this approach, companies choose the starting point that best meets their needs and can then evolve into additional connected solutions over time. Plex uniquely enables new features to be simply enabled rather than “installed” and ensures that data and governance rules flow seamlessly throughout the system.

Here are three examples of new modular solutions:

  • Launching and managing new products: Optimize profitability and increase competitive position by reducing time to market and development costs. Companies can manage the lifecycle of products and programs – from concept to completion – and efficiently track new and existing products, including updates, retirement and obsolescence.

  • Labor and Labor Management: Optimize labor scheduling and costs while preserving delivery schedules with efficient management of labor, clear production capabilities based on required skills, reduced onboarding time and employee health and safety programs.

  • Advanced Quality: Proactively manage supplier quality and compliance with built-in continuous improvement toolsets and extend quality processes across the supply chain to promote a holistic quality culture at inside and outside the organization’s four walls.

“Plex was designed from the ground up for makers with flexibility and scalability in mind, as evidenced by our cloud-based multi-tenant architecture. Modularization goes even further with numerous starting points allowing enterprises, at any stage, to begin or extend their digital transformation journey,” said Nathan Pieri, chief product officer and vice president, applications, Rockwell Automation. “We looked from the outside to understand the challenges customers and have aligned our approach to help them manage their entire lifecycle and achieve positive business outcomes every step of the way.By providing manufacturers with easier entry points and an elastic modular approach, businesses can focus on their immediate Industry 4.0 transformation needs with options to add more functionality as they need it care, all seamlessly in our secure manufacturing cloud.

“This approach solves a critical need for manufacturers, addressing priority issues immediately while providing a simple path to broader capabilities as needed. Plex stands out for its multi-tenant SaaS approach, allowing modular capability expansion without complicated integrations,” said Reid Paquin, Research Director at IDC.

“The new modular approach, from production monitoring to full ERP and everything in between, ensures that we can help customers solve their most pressing problems quickly with one, several or all of our innovative smart manufacturing solutions, meeting them where their needs are and supporting them as they grow,” commented Ron Pascuzzi, Chief Customer Officer, Plex Systems. “Plex’s customer-centric approach to our strategy product is affirmed by offering a quick path to begin their digital transformation journey.”

Plex is a cloud pioneer that has uniquely offered its innovative QMS and MES capabilities as part of its ERP solution in a multi-tenant SaaS environment for over twenty years. This modular approach demonstrates the unparalleled flexibility available with a cloud solution and gives manufacturers the flexibility to continue to implement all of these features at once or compose the solution they need with seamless scaling.

Participants from ROKLivea Rockwell Automation and Plex Systems event taking place in Orlando, Florida, June 13-16, can learn more and see these advancements in action in the showroom and demo.

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