Rental of services Et al. to move into two 10,000 square foot buildings on the corner of Black Road

Jenn McGonegal of Service Rentals and Tyler Perin of Classic Signs show off the new 60ft pink men’s lift

Service Rentals and National Supply found a new home thanks to the City Council tonight. Council has approved a rezoning of the southwest corner of Second Line East and Black Road.

The rental company needed to rezone the subject property from Light Industrial (M1) to Medium Industrial (M2) for its purposes.

Cairns Silver Lining Engineers needed to rezone the properties in question to facilitate the construction of two buildings for Service Hire and National Supply to house the sale, hire and maintenance of various equipment and tools. A third building is also planned for future use.

The land is currently vacant.

Service Rentals is intended to occupy one of the 10,000 square feet on offer. buildings on the property.

The other offered 10,000 square feet. the building would be occupied by National Supply, which primarily sells H-Vac equipment and support merchandise, as well as National Concrete Pumping, which rents mobile truck-mounted concrete pumping services.

Service Rentals and National Supply currently operate on Sackville Road and this is the first step in the process of moving Sackville Road away.

There were no objections to the proposed construction.

Rezoning of property approved for use of service rentals and national supply.

Marjorie N. McClure