Review: SOMEWHERE, By The Play Productions – Guiseley Theater

Somewhere, an enchanting new musical, is the story of a young princess kidnapped at a young age and the efforts of her brother, the Prince, to try to save her 24 years later. This all-new musical, written and created by Sarah Bishop, has touches of all the best fairy tales we know and love, but combines them into one great story.

The production team have created a breathtaking experience with this show from the moment you arrive – the theater can be seen glowing from afar with green lights outside the venue. You were also greeted by a green carpet, which extended to your seats, allowing you to immerse yourself in the show experience.

The lead roles of Meredith and Storm are performed brilliantly by Lauren Bickerdike and Daniel Hunt. Bickerdike has some of the best voices to hear in any theater right now and could easily carry this show to the West End. The title track of “Somewhere”, performed by Lauren, has vibes similar to what you would hear Nasty. Lauren controls the song throughout and she is truly a powerhouse. The cover of “Somewhere” sung at the end of the show by the entire cast gives chills.

The supporting roles of Rory Christmas and Gelsey, played by Stevey Gee and Hannah Corcoran, are equally brilliant and provide the romance necessary to make the series a dazzling experience. Gee and Daniel Hunt make a great comedic duo going forward and receive plenty of laughs from the audience. “When You’re Friends With Christmas” really engages the audience, has great harmonies and a few people singing along. Gee has a great stage presence with a fantastic voice and you are drawn to him on stage. A special shout out should be given to the five Woodland Immortals – these five women truly dominate the scene and ensure that each has great individual character.

Somewhere is a very promising production. The music, produced and written by The Dunwells and Gary Linley, is incredibly catchy and you really feel like the songs are ready for a West End stage. The book and dialogue in places feel slightly flat and disjointed at the end, but for a brand new musical, the show has a great concept, great music, and is worth watching on future stages.

*** Three stars

Reviewed by: Kelly Bell

Somewhere plays at the Guiseley Theater until November 13, with tickets available here.

Marjorie N. McClure