RIT’s Venture Creations tech business incubator adds new companies to its client roster

Rochester Institute of Technology’s Venture Creations tech business incubator announced the recent addition of three new companies to its client roster.

Additive Monitoring Systems markets a real-time, in-process monitoring system that can equip any industrial 3D printer to provide actionable part quality data. Designed to provide value to builders through dimensional measurements of multiple part features in situ, the system reduces wasted planning time and wasted energy through early-stage part scrap, thereby increasing the durability of additive manufacturing, allowing parts to be scrapped earlier.

“Additive Monitoring Systems provides an increasingly sustainable method to reduce material waste associated with additive manufacturing, enabling an even simpler construction process. By mitigating the energy and labor costs of additives, we are excited to push the boundaries of this impressive technology,” said company founder Niall O’Dowd ’17 (mechanical engineering).

Sustaio, a clean energy incubator company, builds the FICO, or basically the credit score, for sustainability, providing information and data on consumers’ climate impact. Sustaio helps companies build stronger relationships with their customers and employees while providing a new way to measure some of their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance that they couldn’t before.

“The solution we created provides real-time data helping people make better decisions in their daily lives to reduce their footprint and ultimately be financially rewarded for it,” said Olivia Pedersen, Founder and CEO.

TagTeams is a workflow management application designed to improve communication and teamwork during the operating room shift. Clear handoffs, HIPAA-compliant messaging, and process analytics support team coordination and operational flow. TagTeams gives everyone the ability to see GOLD status “at a glance”.

“TagTeams is designed by the perioperative team, for the perioperative team,” said company founder Sarah Bonzo ’06 (B.S. Industrial and Systems Engineering). “Communication breakdowns create delays and frustration in an already very stressful environment. TagTeams enables clear handoffs, workflow transparency, and streamlined communication for all team members. »

Venture Creations provides corporate clients with high-quality coaching, professional guidance, and relationships with industry professionals, creating an environment where cutting-edge businesses can grow and thrive.

Marjorie N. McClure