Strata AVL Trusts VidOvation Solutions for Flexibility in House of Worship Productions

When it comes to increasing production flexibility in places of worship, Strata AVL trusts VidOvation (opens in a new tab) solutions. In particular, Strata AVL has used the VidOlink Reacher broadcast-quality HDMI and HD-SDI wireless video transmission link in recent installations at Compass Christian Church in Chandler, Arizona, and Hebron Church in Dacula, Georgia. With versions capable of reaching up to 4,200 feet of line of sight without latency or compression, VidOvation’s compact and lightweight VidOlink Reacher transmitter enables exceptional maneuverability as well as uncompromising performance in streaming 3G high definition video. – Broadcast quality SDI and HDMI. signals.

“Our experience with VidOvation and the company’s products has always been good, and when we needed wireless video transport for the Compass project, we tested the VidOlink Reacher system extensively to see how it stacked up. to our other options,” said David Roche, co-owner of Strata. “We found it to be more robust and reliable over a longer transmission distance than competing products.”

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Working with Compass Christian Church engineers, Strata designed and deployed an ecosystem of Panasonic cameras in the church’s new 2,058-seat worship center. The team combined three Panasonic AG-CX350 cameras with three pairs of VidOlink Reacher wireless video transmitter/receivers to free operators from the constraints of cables, allowing them to capture different shots, more intimate angles and points of view. more attractive than if they were attached. on a tripod or wheeled stand. Video from each of the cameras is transmitted wirelessly to a fixed receiver and to the control room for integration into the larger visual production.

“We had good results with the Reacher right out of the box at Compass, so we thought we could use the same performance and reliability in a different application in Hebron,” explained Joe Paryzek, co-owner of strata. “The result is an eminently practical solution that makes it easy to use a cost-effective smart TV as a versatile on-stage presentation tool.”

In the 4,000-seat auditorium of the Hebron Church, Strata undertook a complete update of the staging and lighting, audio and video systems. As part of this project, the company implemented the VidOlink Reacher in an innovative way: as part of a mobile, wireless and always-used video display to enhance live worship services and other events. . The Reacher receiver sits on the back of a low-cost 65-inch smart TV with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that powers both the receiver and the TV. The wireless, battery-powered setup allows church personnel to turn on the TV, cycle through the initial set of logos and menus, and leave the monitor ready for use during service. Reversing conventional signal flow enables flexible, cable-free transmission of video from the control room, with the Reacher transmitter discreetly located off-stage. Wireless on-stage display saves church technical staff from having to wrap cables to place the monitor on stage.

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“One of the reasons we love working with Strata so much is that the company understands every element of directing and production, inside and out,” said Jim Jachetta, vice-director. Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer, VidOvation. “It’s also fun to see the Strata team innovating and leveraging our advanced video transmission products to solve problems for their customers, big or small. These recent installations of VidOlink Reacher in Compass and Hebron Church demonstrate how important it is to Strata to find the right solution for every need.”

Marjorie N. McClure