Syracuse is home to Density’s new manufacturing facility

Density, Inc. officially opened its new manufacturing facility March 8 in the Whitlock Building at 550 S. Clinton St. in Syracuse. Density, a Tech Garden tenant, describes itself as an analytics platform for measuring and optimizing workplace performance. (ERIC REINHARDT / CNYBJ)

SYRACUSE — Garrett Bastable, vice president of operations at Density, Inc., provided a story to begin his remarks at the official opening of the company’s new manufacturing facility.

A group of Syracuse University graduates in March 2014 were helping to operate a software consulting firm in the Tech Garden. Density’s group of would-be co-founders also enjoyed coffee at Café Kubal,

As Bastable explains, they often found the South Salina Street location to be full of customers and the line for coffee was long. He also notes that the group sometimes took a walk for coffee in the Syracuse winter cold.

“They figured out that if we had a way of knowing the weather anywhere in the world, we should also have a way of knowing that an occupied space was a few blocks away,” Bastable said. “That’s how Density was born.”

Density, a tenant of the Syracuse Tech Garden, opened its new 21,000 square foot manufacturing facility March 8 inside the Whitlock Building at 550 S. Clinton St. in Syracuse.

Density describes itself as an analytics platform for measuring and optimizing workplace performance. Density’s technology enables anonymous measurement of how people use space, “creating better work experiences,” according to a press release.

The company also made headlines in June 2019 when it became Tech Garden’s first tenant to use the facility’s hardware center.

Fate discovered the Whitlock building in the spring of 2020 while looking for its future home in upstate New York, Bastable recalled during his remarks at the March 8 event.

The South Clinton Street building is located near the Salt City Market.

“Even though it was [in] mid-construction at the time, we saw great promise in the Whitlock Building, thanks to the vision and substantial investment made by Tom and Ryan Goodfellow of Goodfellow Construction Management,” Bastable said.

Two years later, the firm operates in the same structure.

In addition to multiplying its production capacity sevenfold to nearly 400,000 sensors per year. Density plans to house its future offices, laboratories, warehouses, shipping and receiving centers, all in the downtown Syracuse building.

“Amazingly, with solar power on the rooftop above us, Density’s sensor production will be powered by the sun,” Bastable said in his remarks.

The product that Density employees will research, design, develop, manufacture and ship from this facility will reach customers around the world. The company already ships tens of thousands of devices to more than 40 countries, he noted.

Speaking with CNYBJ after the ribbon cutting, Bastable said Destiny still has research and development (R&D) operations in the Tech Garden.

“We still have our R&D labs in the Tech Garden. We still have our original main office there, and we have the hardware center that we plan to repurpose for additional R&D activities,” says Bastable. “As our business grows, it’s also helpful to have some physical diversity where we locate.”

Since launching in 2014, Density has raised more than $225 million in funding from investors and is now valued at $1.05 billion, a figure Bastable called “staggering” during his opening remarks. of the event. This makes Density the “first unicorn grown in Syracuse”. A unicorn in the investment world is a private company valued at more than a billion dollars.

The company now has nearly 200 employees in 29 states and eight countries, including about 30 in Syracuse. Although headquartered in San Francisco, Bastable has called it the “hometown” of Syracuse Density. He said the opening of the manufacturing facility on March 8 represents the company’s effort “to embark on our next stage of growth in the same city [where] it all started.”

Marjorie N. McClure