The 10 most moving creations

The Great Pottery Challenge may have wrapped Season 5 earlier this year, but fans of this competitive series can expect Season 6 to make its way to TV screens next year with a slew of new Potters to win first place. Having gained new fans during the pandemic lockdown, the feel-good show was able to strike a chord with audiences.

And it wasn’t just the audience, as the potters’ beautiful and ambitious constructions also made some of the most emotional moves. They even caught Judge Keith off guard, making him shed a tear or two for their efforts.


ten Matt’s fireplace

Matt showcases his fireplace on The Great Pottery Throwdown

After being bought from the BBC by Channel 4, season 3 reintroduced audiences to the pottery competition in 2020, with a host of new potters. One of them was Matt, who ended up in third place after creating abstract and artistic pieces.

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But his most emotional moment was his fireplace in Episode 7, as the judges were wowed by him for doubling the number of tiles and shaping them into difficult shapes that no one else seemed to have done. Keith’s praise was enough to see a twinkle in Matt’s eyes as he stood proudly beside his acclaimed piece.

9 Flea Flower Pots

The big pottery jet

Matt wasn’t the only contestant to create a moveable build starting in Season 3, as Flea was able to craft two flowerpots despite the judges’ concerns. Its construction may have seemed simple compared to its previous marks, but the use of color and pattern impressed the judges and the host.

But what made this moment such a poignant moment of the season was not only Flea being able to pick herself up from her mess and complete the task, but making Keith blink back tears as he proudly holds his piece. It shows just how much of an emotional journey can go behind pottery, making it one of the most soothing reality series out there.

8 Jacob’s Lamps

The big pottery jet

The young Liverpool Potter competed with Matt and Flea for first place and eventually beat them to second place in Season 3. After winning Potter of the Week three times and creating visually vibrant pieces, he never is not difficult to understand why.

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However, one of his most moving pieces is his shipwreck-inspired lamps. Keith’s comments touched Jacob with such emotion that he couldn’t help but smile as they were impressed that he was able to achieve the look he was hoping for with these two particular lamps.

seven Rosalind’s Breakfast Set

The big pottery jet

By reaching Episode 8 of Season 3, Rosalind was able to stay in the competition for her charismatic country-inspired pottery. From adorable sheep lamps to a fox and cub statue, Rosalind was one of the most memorable and positive people of the season. She and other contestants like her are the reason the show easily rivals the most addictive British reality series on Netflix.

Right off the bat, Keith started crying over Roslind’s lovely chicken-inspired breakfast. It’s not hard to see why, as the detail and care it contains even prompted fellow judge Sue Pryke to comment on her professional standard. It certainly looked good enough to be seen in a window display.

6 Peter’s jars

The big pottery jet

The design professor had some stiff competition in Season 4 as he would face younger contestants. However, that didn’t stop him from taking third place and creating some memorable builds, including his Acoma pots.

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Having been rough in his previous job, seeing Peter trying to be more careful and articulate led him to become the potter of the week and create some beautiful pieces. Peter also didn’t shed a tear for his efforts, but also received some encouraging and uplifting words from Kieth.

5 Rainna’s Penguin

Going back to Season 3’s colorful cast, Rainna was described by Keith as “noisy” and “wonderful” when she presented him with her penguin and chick figurine. Prior to this pivotal moment, she hadn’t quite won first place every week.

But with this particular piece of pottery, she excelled and became the potter of the week in episode 3. Keith was surprised for a moment by her painstaking efforts to make the animal as realistic as possible and even made it into a an exhibition after production.

4 Bust of Bruce Springstein from Alon

The big pottery jet

Introduced in Season 4, student architect Alon was the youngest potter in that season and had fierce competition against more experienced artists. But in episode 5, he got to show off his skills with the bust of Bruce Springsteen.

Despite his lack of knowledge of the musician, he beautifully recreated his image which impacted judge Rich Miller. Capturing even the smallest details, it moved the judges and saw them choose Alon as their potter of the week. Potters like Alon are the ones who have seen this as well as the best reality shows of all time.

3 Kit chess set

The big pottery jet

Kit may not have been in Season 3 for long, but he showed his potential with some of his pottery like the Cornish Crockery Breakfast Set. But while others created moving pieces that brought the judges to tears and appreciation, his chess game created an unexpected reaction from Keith.

Seeing his younger self in Kit, Keith cries as he tells him about overcoming confidence to create and overcoming his limitations as a potter. Making Keith feel annoyed by the lack of detail and potential, Kit’s chess game was particularly poignant because it sparked an unexpected emotion you wouldn’t normally see on the show.

2 Adam’s sink

The big pottery jet

One of the stars of Season 4 was Adam, the Brighton support worker who shined through his pottery every week. With his bust of Ozzy Osbourne, his octopus water feature and his garden-inspired fruit bowl, he managed to take second place in the competition.

However, its most moving piece was its pedestal sink. What made it emotional was not just the positive reactions from the judges, but the hard work and creativity that went into it. Seeing his attempt to create his sink with more unusual methods, the end product was simply captivating. When an American version of this British show will be made remains to be seen, but charming British creators like Adam have continued to make a global impact.

1 Hannah’s Water Fountain

The big pottery jet

Among Adam, Peter, and Alon was Hannah, a project manager who reached fourth place in the penultimate episode of Season 4. She also didn’t do any charming builds throughout the season, but she even earned herself a Potter of the Week for her Raku vases in Episode 4.

But for the animal-inspired water feature, Hannah managed to complete her creation, despite having limited time to create the macaw. If seeing her cry to bring her father’s pet bird back to life wasn’t moving enough, seeing the rival potters embrace her in an emotional and supportive embrace was one of the highlights of the season and why many love wellness competition series.

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